Philippe Moreau

Founder Greener Act

Session: Sustainable Gamification towards a Greener future

Philippe Moreau is a distinguished figure in the realm of sustainable tourism and hospitality, with a foundational career across Europe and Asia’s 5-star hotel management, including ACCOR, MERIDIEN, and MINOR GROUP. A graduate of Switzerland’s prestigious hotel management school in 1990, Philippe has played pivotal roles in senior management and pre-opening teams from Thailand to Angola.

His passion for sustainable development led him to spearhead tourism development in São Tomé & Principe with HBD Principe for a decade, before founding PM Hospitality and Greener Act in 2017.

Greener Act, the first-ever app allowing travelers to engage in community projects and support local causes globally, marks a significant milestone in his mission.

At the helm of Palheiro Nature Estate, a centennial family business in Madeira, Portugal, Philippe embodies the spirit of responsible tourism. His commitment extends beyond business, aiming to enrich local communities and protect our planet through mindful travel and sustainable practices.