Domenico Pinto

Specializes in leadership, entrepreneurship, business strategy, organizational design, and behavior, as well as remote work

Session: Domenico Pinto: Leading the Charge Towards Work-Life Synergy

At the heart of the new work paradigm stands Domenico Pinto, whose life’s work crystallizes in “The Great Shift.” With his expertise carved through an Executive MBA from IE Business School and a diverse professional journey, he now dedicates himself to guiding both individuals and businesses. His mission? To navigate the transformative shift towards work approaches that not only boost performance but also cultivate a harmonious blend of work and life.

Authored amidst the introspection brought by the pandemic, his book offers a roadmap to embracing work-life integration, advocating for a lifestyle where personal fulfilment and professional achievements are not at odds but are intertwined.
Experience Domenico’s visionary perspective at the Madeira Web Summit, where he’ll unveil how to thrive in a world redefined by the pursuit of balance and wellness.