Rebecca & Francisco

Founders of Dune Local Project.

Session: Remote work for positive social impact with Dune Local Project.

Bio: Rebecca’s professional journey prior to Dune Local Project took her to Vizzuality, a technology company in Madrid specialising in environmental and social sustainability projects. In her role, she identified growth opportunities and fostered collaborations, serving as the primary point of contact for clients, partners, and communities. With dual degrees in Business Administration and International Relations from IE Business School, Rebecca’s global experiences, including volunteer work in public health, education, organic agriculture, and environmental projects across Africa, Asia, and South America, have shaped her holistic approach to business and community engagement.Francisco began his academic and athletic journey on the island, excelling nationally and internationally in motorsport. Alongside his sporting career, he pursued a degree in management at NovaSBE and embarked on a professional path in information technology as a consultant at Onrising. With roles spanning Business Analysis, Data Science, Development, and Operations Management, Francisco has demonstrated versatility and adaptability across various projects in Business Intelligence, Software Development, DevOps, and Salesforce.Together,alongside their colleague Henrique Marques, they recognized a need within the remote work landscape, drawing from their own experiences. Hailing from Madeira and spending summers on Porto Santo Island, they identified the island’s potential as an ideal remote work destination, offering a balance between work and leisure. This realization inspired the inception of Dune Local Project, where they aim to create a vibrant community and promote remote work opportunities in the paradisiacal island of Porto Santo.