Kaspar Korjus

CEO UrbanTech

Session: Shaping Tomorrow: Exploring Nation as a Service and Autonomous Enterprises

Kaspar Korjus emerges as a visionary force at the nexus of technology and negotiation, co-founding Pactum AI, a pioneering tech startup transforming business dialogues through advanced AI. Leading as Chief Product Officer, he has propelled Pactum to become a cornerstone for Fortune 500 giants like Walmart and Maersk, automating negotiation processes to drive unprecedented financial efficiency and savings in supply chain and logistics.

Before his innovative leap with Pactum, Kaspar laid the foundational stone for Estonia’s e-Residency program, a bold government initiative that has since welcomed over 100,000 digital nomads, fostering a global community of e-residents. His academic journey is marked by a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Bradford and a master’s in e-Business from the University of Lancaster, underpinning his profound insight into digital economies.

Kaspar’s global influence was recognized by the US Government in 2018 when CTO Megan Smith selected him as one of the 20 global digital leaders. This distinction led him to contribute to a 3-week initiative at the White House, aimed at accelerating the e-government transformation in the USA. His impact was further acknowledged in 2019 when he was nominated as one of the Junior Chamber International’s 10 Most Outstanding Young Persons of the World.

A highlight of Kaspar’s accolades came in 2020 when he was honored with the prestigious Order of Orange-Nassau by His Majesty Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands. This award was a testament to his significant contributions towards enhancing societies globally, marking him as a distinguished figure in the realm of digital innovation and societal betterment.

Kaspar Korjus continues to inspire with his commitment to leveraging technology for creating inclusive and efficient global ecosystems, proving that his work not only reshapes industries but also constructs bridges between communities worldwide.