Jean Francois & Johann Örn Gunnarsson

Archaeologist and Biologist | Singer

Session: Escola Normal and the Collective Cultural Activism

Jean Francois

A French archaeologist and biologist living in Madeira since 2022, I work at the CEAM (Center for Studies of Modern and Contemporary Archaeology) in both underwater and terrestrial archaeology.

I am also a co-founder of the French association “Feliz_kolectiv,” which works on the interactions between the Alsace region in France and the island of Madeira.

I am also keenly interested in exploring the vast expanse of space, with a special focus on our nearest neighbors: the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter.


Johann Örn Gunnarsson 

From an island with glaciers, mountains and volcanos, the icelandic Johann Örn Gunnarsson went south to a subtropical rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean to join the dynamic of escola normal as a singer and handyman. He trained his vocal skills in the opera school of Reykjavik and now shares his knowledge of the Nordic culture with beautiful songs and poetry.