Eliano Marques

Chief Product & AI Officer at Tracer

Session: Wow to build young talent for world class Product & AI companies”

Eliano is a Product & AI executive with experience in establishing game changing capabilities across Enterprises in many industries and geographies across the globe. Eliano currently is the Chief Product & AI Officer at Tracer, global leader in Brand Protection, Success and Insights. Eliano is responsible for building the Product Organization, Strategy and Roadmap as well as leading the AI and Data orgs. Eliano joined Protegrity, where he acted as Chief Data & AI and had previous roles at Emirates Group, where he acted as their VP for Data Science and built a capability that brought together Data Scientists and Data Engineers to build and deploy AI products in the Aviation and Transportation sector.

Eliano has built vision, strategy and execution of new or existing AI teams, transforming them to world leading and game changing capabilities both from a technology, processes but more important results perspective in a relatively short period of time. This has enabled such teams to deliver very high ROI irrespective of the use-cases chosen, industries or geography. 

Eliano combines the ability of building those capabilities while at the same time remaining a tech-lead, hands-on individual able to build AI solutions from scratch. Eliano often speaks in AI conferences around the world where he shares his perspectives and passion on the field.